Christopher Houlihan

concert organist

Louis Vierne: Second Symphony for Organ

Towerhill Recordings TH72019 (2007)

Towerhill Recordings TH72019 (2007)

Charles-Marie Widor
Allegro from Sixth Symphony in G minor
Andante sostenuto
from Gothic Symphony in C minor

Louis Vierne
Second Symphony in E minor, op. 20

Carillon de Westminster from 24 Fantasy Pieces

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Christopher Houlihan's debut recording, featuring Louis Vierne's Second Sympohony for Organ and music of Charles-Marie Widor. 

"The playing of the revered repertoire on this recording is that of a mature artist who possesses a surefire technique that is never self-serving... Mr. Houlihan’s great talent and popularity among organists and non-organists alike has won him that adulation of his cadre of “Houli Fans.”... A particularly lovely movement is the “Cantabile” of the Vierne Symphony, for which Houlihan selects a hauntingly beautiful reed with tremulant, in both treble and tenor ranges. Cleary, Christopher Houlihan is a major talent whose star is destined to brightly shine over the horizon of the years ahead. Buy it for its historical significance, and enjoy it for the sheer joy of great music making." (THE AMERICAN ORGANIST, April 2009)

"Clearly a talented young player, and one admires his controlled tempi allowing the music to speak clearly... flair and polish... some fine playing with stylish touches of registration and rubato." (CHOIR & ORGAN, London, 2009)

"Houlihan plays with a gentile and well-controlled sense of romantic rubato that is so beautifully crafted that the listener finds himself lost in the sheer beauty... You might find yourself playing this track [Widor] over and over again... you will no doubt become a 'Houli fan' after just a few minutes of listening to this recording." (THE DIAPASON, January 2009)

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